Wedding Themes - are they necessary?

You may be asking yourself, what is a wedding theme, why is it important, and how do I figure out what it should be?  While we can't really help with the last question, the first two can be answered quite easily.

What is a theme? says that a theme is "A unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc."  In relationship to a wedding, it would mean that it is the one thing or idea that brings, or ties everything else together.

Some people say that the wedding theme is the backbone to the wedding.  Once you figure out what your theme is, a lot of other things will fall into place.  Decorations for the ceremony and reception, foods, bridesmaid dresses, your wedding dress, shoes, flowers, etc will all relate somewhat to the theme you choose.  Later on there will be a few examples of themes and the things that go along with that specific theme.  

A lot of times wedding trends help people pick a theme for their wedding.  For instance, this year the roaring 20's, ala The Great Gatsby are trending for weddings.  The color pink is back at the top for weddings this year as well.  Taking a look at wedding trends can help you out a lot.  When it's popular, it is easier to find.  

Here are a few examples of wedding themes:
This theme is quite popular, because it is easy to put together, and doesn’t really have to cost a lot of extra money for decorations.  The groomsmen could wear cowboy boots, or suits instead of tuxedos, you could decorate with wildflowers and mason jars, and you could have a dessert bar instead of the typical wedding cake.  Country weddings seem to be low-key, stress-free (if that’s at all possible!) and a lot of fun.  Most often, these weddings hold their receptions outdoors, under a big tent or in a barn.  Barns are becoming extremely popular for country themed weddings.
This theme is also popular, with lots of lush fabrics, hints of metallic, and lots of sparkle.  A lot of times this goes along with a princess themed wedding.  Some brides dream about their weddings from the time they are little girls, and a lot of those ideas fit into this category.
Holiday themed weddings are becoming more and more popular.  Depending on the location of your ceremony, this can help with the cost of decorations.  Most churches decorate for the Christmas holiday with bows, Christmas trees, garland, and lights, and a lot of times, that might be just the right amount depending on your taste.  Another option would be to have a Halloween wedding.  While this doesn’t appeal to everyone, it might be something fun to think about.  You could dress up and ask your guests to dress up as well.  A fun twist on a wedding for sure.

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