Bridal Shower Games

While the brides don't usually plan their own showers, they are allowed to have some input on what goes on.  Some people HATE games, while others think they are a lot of fun and get everyone at the party interacting with one another.  Below we will list a few of the most popular games we've heard about at showers. We will save the opinions for our brides!

Bridal Bingo

There are a couple of ways to play this one.  First, you can download and print, or purchase pre-filled cards with various gifts one may receive at a bridal party.  Another way would be to print blank cards and have you guests fill in what they think you will receive.  Then, while you are opening your gifts, they can cover the gifts as you open them.  Typically you would have 2 or 3 bingo winners, so don't forget to pick out some cute little gifts.  A few suggestions would be bath and body works hand soaps, lotions, or body washes.

What's in Your Purse?

This game is pretty self explanatory.  Before the shower, someone needs to create a list of things normally found in a woman's purse.  The guest with the most items on the list in her handbag wins a prize!

Two Truths, One Lie

This game has each guest introduce themselves, and explain a little about how they know the bride.  She should give three experiences she has had with the bride, two are true, and the third is a lie.  The person who guesses the lie correctly gets points.  At the end, the one with the most points wins.  This game may be more appropriate for a smaller, closer group of people, as the stories may get out of hand depending on the people involved. 

Words of Wisdom

This isn't really a game, but a nice way to give the bride some marital advice.  Provide each guest with a pen and a notecard and ask them to give their best advice to the bride on life after the wedding.  These can be serious or funny, or a mixture of both.  

Fill-in-the-Blank Vows (Bridal mad libs)

These can turn out hilarious.  You can look them up online or create your own.  Each person can take a turn choosing a word, and then at the end, have the bride read them aloud.  Laughter will ensue.

Some of the more traditional games would include toilet paper wedding dresses, where the guests divide into teams to create a wedding dress, and the bride picks the one she likes the best, and What is the bride wearing, where the bride walks around for a while talking to each guest, and then leaves the room, and the guests have to write down everything the bride is wearing, and the guest with the most detail wins a prize.

It is not necessary to play all of these games, or any of them.  They are just a few ideas in case you aren't coming up with any yourself.  Enjoy your shower.  Your friends and family are there to encourage and support you because they love you.  Just remember to say thank you before they leave!

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